Wire Nets

Invernizzi & Mutazzi was one of the first Italian companies which started producing and selling electrowelded nets, which had been previously imported exclusively by EVG. The company differentiates its range of products in order to meet customers needs and is today leader in the metallurgic market.

Its standard production is made unique by employing wires with a considerable bigger section, if compared to competitors – both national and international. The company also produces wire nets on customers demand, even for small lots and using particular wires (e.g. stainless steel wires), with countless.


  • Galvanized wire electrowelded net

  • Bright wire ‘cameracanne’ electrowelded nets

  • Re-drawn galvanized wire electrowelded net

  • Nets for reinforced concrete (in rolls)

Custom made nets are produced with the following features:

  • Wire with Ø from 0.6 mm to 4.00 mm

  • Mesh form 12.7 mm x 12.7 mm to 203.2 mm x 203.2 mm

  • Height from 300 mm to 2000 mm

electrowelded nets – technical data
electrowelded cameracanne – technical data
nets for reinforced steel – technical data