Barbed Wire

Invernizzi & Mutazzi is the sole company in Italy providing customers with a complete range of products, producing low- carbon steel wires and hot-dip galavanized wires, from diameter 0.60 mm to 8.50 mm.

Thanks to its highly- flexible machineries and quick production, the company rapidly and efficiently carries out orders (in ten or twelve working days), meeting any specific technological request and providing adequate mechanical features and packaging. Raw materials – from C4D to C15D – are galvanized only by applying a hot-dip electrolyic SHG 99.995% zinc coating.

Barbed wire –white annealed wire, black annealed wire, galvanized annealed wire, galvanized raw wire, re-drawn galvanized wire – is employed in the following sectors: distribution, agriculture and industry.

Standard Production

All our products are available with Ø from 0.50 mm to 8.50 mm.

  • Galvanized wire (annealed and raw)

  • Re-drawn galvanized wire

  • Black/white annealed wire

Production Range

Superficial Finishing

Range: 0.60 – 1.60 mm
Features: 800-1100 N/mm2
Packaging: 25-30 kg rolls tied in clusters; 300 kg iron reels; RP1000-DIN500 reels
Range: 1.50 – 8.00 mm
Features: 700 -1100 N/mm2
Packaging: 50 kg rolls; 500-1000 kg coil strapped; 1000 kg coils
Range: 0.60 – 1.60 mm
Features: 300-400 N/mm2
Packaging: 23-30 kg rolls tied in clusters; 300 kg iron reels
Range: 1.50 – 6.00 mm
Features: 400-500 N/mm2
Packaging: 50 kg strapped rolls *; 250 kg coils
* Made to order – pre weighed rolls made with electronic meter.
theorical weight
converter weight/length